Witold Lehmann Featured in Pharma's Almanac

Witold Lehmann Featured in Pharma's Almanac
Posted: Sep 21 2017
Witold Lehmann, Senior Process Engineer at CRB, is featured in Pharma Almanac's upcoming issue, with his article entitled "Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Efficiency is Driving New Attention to Plant Design." 

For oral solid dose (OSD) drug manufacturers, the past 10-15 years have seen manufacturing strategies change drastically, with a focus on achieving more, with less. Advances in project management software usage, risk analysis, electronic data capture, containment, 3D, collaboration—and more—are driving strategic planning and efficient production.

More than just space to house equipment, the industry is investing in facilities that are designed comprehensively to promote operator safety, material flow, sustainable quality and cost control for all operations. Wit points out that the first step is to understand how the process is intended to function. Next, look at whether any hazardous materials or solvents are involved in order to consider containment and utility issues. When this approach is implemented correctly, with process engineers driving many decisions—after considering input from all the relevant disciplines—projecting the potential for expansion is built in.

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